Trading Stock Trends Online

Stock trends can represent the very best times to trade. The only downside is that investors can have difficulties pinpointing trends and their durations.

How to Scalp in Stock Trading

Scalping in Stock Trading

Scalping in stock trading is a very active investing strategy that sees a trader buy and sell shares of stock many times per day to realize small gains.

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Best Time to Sell Stocks

The best time to sell stocks is when they are as high as they will be. However, this can never be known for sure, and investors must guess to trade well.

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Best Time to Buy Stocks

The best time to buy stocks is, ideally, when they are as low as they will be. This is never known for sure, and traders have to guess at times.

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Bear Market Rally in Investing

A bear market rally is a rise in stock prices during an overall period of decline. It can be difficult to tell if this indicates an end to the market trend.