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OBV (On Balance Volume)

What is OBV (On Balance Volume)?

Stock Traders and Option traders may experiment with many volume indicators to quantify buying or selling pressure. Just ‘”eyeballing” the volume bars doesn’t offer enough precision to detect a significant shift in volume flow. The simplest and best volume indicator is on balance volume or OBV. Developed and popularized in 1963 by… Read More »What is OBV (On Balance Volume)?

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How to Trade Volatile Stocks

Volatile stocks can be most profitable or financially devastating. An investor that obeys this rule will limit his risk while raising his profits. What is it?

stock options

Basic Option Strategies

Investors can use options to insure against a stock price drop, speculate on a stock’s future price direction, or generate cash from a long-term investment.

Stock Options

Stock Options

While buying and selling stock options is a very large risk, the returns that it can produce are equally large.