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Free Stock Market Charting Sites

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Review of the Top Charts, Software, and Strategy

Technical analysis is the art of forecasting future price movements by studying historical volume and price. When technical indicators are combined with charts, a powerful and profitable combination is formed. After listing multiple free charting resources, there will be a profitable strategy outlined at the bottom of the article.

Free Stock Market Charts with Stockcharts

This site is run by technical analysis guru John Murphy. A plethora of indicators and chart customizations are available. Many professional traders use this website. The free charts have a maximum of three years of historical data. The interactive annotation is a great feature.

Use Google Finance for Charting

This is a fairly basic charting resource with a small handful of technical tools. The sliding bottom bar on the chart for quickly viewing historical data is a helpful feature to examine decades of historical prices.

Yahoo Finance has Historical Charts

This comes in three flavors: basic, basic with technical analysis, and interactive. The interactive is fairly comparable to Google.

Professional Resource: Free Stock Charts

This is one of the few free resources that allow one minute bars for day trading. This site has an impressive array of technical indicators and drawing tools for plotting such things as trend lines. Other new features include taking a snapshot of the chart, sending it out on Twitter, or posting it to a Facebook wall. This site is highly recommended.

Easy to Read with Big Charts

This is a fairly standard charting site with the common features an investor would expect. Intra-day charts are available here too. Although this is one of the better stock market portals and charting sites, it is a bit skinny on drawing tools. As well, the charts are on the small side – at least in the free version.

Follow These Buy and Sell Rules on Charts

Following these simple rules will give excellent signals to buy and sell.

Bullish Signal

  • When Wilder’s DMI (14 periods) green line crosses above the red
  • Money Flow Index (14 periods) rises above the 50 reference

Bearish Signal

  • When Wilder’s DMI (14 periods) red line crosses above the green
  • Money Flow Index (14 periods) falls below the 50 reference

An Investing Shortcut

This article was dedicated to helping investors find a free stock market charting site that fits their individual needs. When a well put together and customizable charting site is combined with timely buy and sell signals, profitability will greatly increase. There are a multitude of other entry and exit signals that will be discussed in future articles.