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Ideal Trading Environment

man in gray hoodie sitting on chair

The proper setting for focused, uninterrupted trading is of the utmost importance in the life of a day trader.  It does not matter what he wears or where it is, as long as the trader is comfortable and able to fully utilize his mind on the task at hand.  It is necessary for each individual trader to find the specific setting in which he is most suited to trade.

 The environments in which people live out their lives have a noticeable effect on their performance of tasks.  

Many people find it difficult to concentrate on work-related tasks in areas of the home most commonly used for relaxation or recreation.  Similarly, attempting to read in bed will cause many people to become sleepy, as working at the dinner table will cause individuals to become hungry.  

If the environment in which the trader works can subconsciously control how he thinks, and more importantly, reacts to certain situations, it is of the utmost importance to maintain as much control over this psychological variable as possible.

Each trader should also become familiar with the specific things he requires from a trading space.  

For traders that require a clean, uncluttered workspace, extra time should be devoted every day for maintaining the workspace in such a way that it’s messy nature doesn’t interfere with the trader maximizing his potential.  Other trades, while a cluttered workspace doesn’t bother them in the least, may find an office chair with neck-support to be irreplaceable should they wish to achieve full focus.

The trader should not partake in other activities,

These things can be eating, sleeping, or recreating, in his workspace.  Though not of absolute necessity, the workspace should have dedicated to it an entirely separate room.  The trader must condition his mind while in his workspace to think only about work, and to leave it as soon as he feels his mind start to drift towards pangs of hunger, thirst, sleep, or daydream.  


If he can condition himself to maintain his winning attitude and a high level of focus in the space that he works, and is able to keep this space separate from the rest of his life, he will find himself way ahead of the game.