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Our focus is to provide helpful information that are time-tested and proven for success. We do not focus on the top stock picks for specific month or the year, but we provide the tools to equip you to make inform decision, and the knowledge you need to make investment decisions.

So, whether you want to be the next Warren Buffett, swing trade, day trade, forex, futures, options, etc. We want to provide the best information!

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Stock Market Algorithm Trading Through Technology

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading, or “algo trading,” is a sophisticated technique that relies on complex formulas and code based on a mathematical framework. Contrary to traditional trading…
Golden Bitcoins on US dollars. Electronic money exchange concept.

What is Fiat Money

Fiat currency, often known as fiat money, is a form of money that is issued by the government but is not backed by real assets…

What is Bitcoin? Is It A Scam?

Bitcoin is among the several cryptocurrencies; however, its name is deceiving. Unlike the Canadian Dollar, it is not a real currency (no entity centrally manages…
The Successful Investor
< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> 5 Secrets From “The Successful Investor” – Keys to Making Money

Learning how to invest requires knowing when to buy and when to sell. The successful investor uses 5 different tactics to make millions in the stock market.

Photo by StellrWeb
< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Valuating Stocks and Shares – How Much are They Really Worth?

Is your stock and shares overpriced or undervalued? This valuation report dishes out some interesting facts…

Photo by Stanley Dai
< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> How are Your Investments Performing?

There are some key ways financial professionals determine the best stocks to buy and which ones to sell. They are easy for the lay person to understand and to apply.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Evaluating a business using Ratio Analysis

Ratios measure the relative relationship between two or more variables and businesses can use ratio analysis to understand financial information better.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> PEG Ratio Analysis: Discover Growth and Value Stocks

The price to earnings ratio (PE) divided by growth (or PEG ratio) can help pick winning growth and value stocks. How?

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> How to Pick Value Stocks with Price to Sales Ratio

How can knowing the price to sales ratio help investors improve their stock picks? Undervalued stocks may have these key investment ratios.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Low Price to Earnings Ratio: Cheap Stock or Junk Shares?

Warren Buffet and other value investors use price to earnings ratios as one stock selection method. Is a low PE still relevant?

Photo by William Iven
< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Market to Book Value Ratio: How Value Investors Use It

Value investors are familiar with market to book value, and for good reason. What does this metric really tell you?

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> How to Find Undervalued Stocks

How does one determine the relative value of a stock? What makes the stock undervalued? What methods can an investor use to screen and profit from such a setup?

< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> The Best Stock Picks with Growth and Value Screening and Scans?

It is possible to scan for stocks that are undervalued and have strong growth potential? Absolutely! Here is how…