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Our focus is to provide helpful information that are time-tested and proven for success. We do not focus on the top stock picks for specific month or the year, but we provide the tools to equip you to make inform decision, and the knowledge you need to make investment decisions.

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Stock Market Algorithm Trading Through Technology

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading, or “algo trading,” is a sophisticated technique that relies on complex formulas and code based on a mathematical framework. Contrary to traditional trading…
Golden Bitcoins on US dollars. Electronic money exchange concept.

What is Fiat Money

Fiat currency, often known as fiat money, is a form of money that is issued by the government but is not backed by real assets…

What is Bitcoin? Is It A Scam?

Bitcoin is among the several cryptocurrencies; however, its name is deceiving. Unlike the Canadian Dollar, it is not a real currency (no entity centrally manages…
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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> When to Use a Stop-Limit Order to Buy a Rising Stock

Although no investor can ever be sure of a security’s future and when to buy, there are some certain situations that call for buying via stop-limit order.

Stock Trading Orders
< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Different Types of Stock Trading Orders

The main different types of stock trading orders are market orders, limit orders, and stop orders, though there are useful combinations of these as well.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Using Stop-Limit Order to Enter a Trade in Investing

Using the stop-limit order to enter a trade can be a great way for an online investor to catch a rising stock before it gets too high in price.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Cutting Loss by Selling Stocks with Stop Orders

Stop orders are exchanges that cut losses, whether they are put to use as buys or sells. Following is how to cut loss by selling stocks with stop orders.

< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Above the Market Stock Trading Strategy

Above the market stock trading means setting an order to buy or sell at a price higher than a security’s market value at the time the order is placed.

< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> What is a Trailing Stop Order?

A trailing stop order is a type of order in trading stocks that follows the market automatically. Using this order is a useful way to maximize profit.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Difference Between Limit Orders and Stop Orders

Limit and stop orders in stock exchange are valuable tools for investors of all levels of experience. They are very straightforward and easy to understand as well.

< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> How to Place a Limit Order for Stocks

Learning how to place a limit order means understanding the components of the trade, and knowing when to effectively utilize the exchange.

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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> Stock Trading Technique: Scaling Out

Scaling out is a stock trading technique that can often be very profitable. It sees a series of sell orders which sell at higher and higher values.